My friend has started his own business selling dog collars. I guess he has been getting help from his wife who is also an influencer and spends a lot of time on instagram. I don’t know this to be true. I am piecing this together from information that I’ve overheard. I’ve not actually asked the question myself. The more deeper I think about things the more the answer comes to Love. Love is an inexhaustible quantity in life, yet it is so precious and necessary. Well I’m going to give him a like because I hope him well, it costs me nothing and if he succeeds then he may be able to pull me up. The tide lifts everyone up.

Also I need to work on my career capital. That could be writing and reading and speaking. These tools are so essential for every part of life. I could also work on my excel skills. As it’s a programme which I could get better at. I think I’ll use one of them Alison courses in Excel.

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